Located at 5332 Dolphin St SW
Beach City, OH 44608

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Rent Storage

We have a variety of unit sizes to meet every storage need.

10 x 10

$75 / month

10x15 (15 x 10)

Comparable to a large bedroom or single car garage. Fits items like a small house with appliances or commercial storage.

$95 / month

10x20 (20 x 10)

Comparable to a one and a half car garage. Can fit a car or two or three bedroom apartment.

$130 / month

AC STORAGE UNIT 4-E (20 x 10)

$125 / month

Waiting List

10x30 (30 x 10)

Capacity: A four/five bedroom apartment or house with major appliances, furniture, boxes and miscellaneous items.

$150 / month

Waiting List

Outdoor Storage (35 x 12)

$60 / month